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About us

We are there to Care!
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At Mashal, we are young, dedicated and there to care. We aim to make positive contributions even if it means a small change in the global healthcare system. We live by our values of dedication, integrity, and innovation every day which are clearly visible in our day to day practices.

Our work culture is inclusive to all and we are constantly evolving. We take a lot of pride in our diverse team. We strongly believe that by focusing on our shared passion to help patients in need, the Mashal Team is determined to continuous improvement to ensure steady availability of high quality and affordable medicines in the market.

At Mashal, we facilitate the distribution of medicines in the Nordic region. We highly value our stakeholders and enjoy very healthy business relationships with them, so our strategic partnerships with wholesalers and chains have enabled our supply chain to get access to customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway Finland and Iceland. We have a fully equipped infrastructure & warehouse capabilities in compliance with GDP regulations, that allows us to service our clients with transparency and quality.

We connect through the dots to make connection and bring teams, people and companies together by providing our consulting services in acquisitions of marketing authorizations, partnerships, providing research data for competitor product and much more.


We believe in growing together with our clients!


Our Licenses

Danish Veterinary and Food Administration regulatory agency (Fødevarestyrelsen).

Danish Medicines Agency (Lægemiddelstyrelsen)

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