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We are your Nordic Partner!

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With our GDP approved infrastructure we have state of the art infrastructure and resources to distribute pharmaceutical products through-out the hospitals and Pharmacies in all Nordic countries. With our facilities in Ballerup in Denmark and with our local wholesaler partners in every Nordic region, our supply chain is designed to easily access all our valued customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Mashal is always looking to make partnership with pharmaceutical companies looking for market access and distribution in the Nordics. 

Mashal is fully registered and licensed with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration regulatory agency (Fødevarestyrelsen). This registration allows us to distribute as well as import relevant products to the Nordics. Additionally, Mashal has a wide range of network and active links with big retail and pharmacy chains in the Nordics. Our efficient supply chain and the aforementioned licenses/connections have allowed us to be successful in supplying products on behalf of our clients in all Nordic countries. 

Our GDP license allows us to export European manufactured pharmaceutical products to both within EU and also to countries outside of EU as well. We have several parallel import customers looking for a product to import for sale in their own country and also have a few clients who are looking to source and find European products that they can use as reference for their own generic development. 

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