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Our Commitment to our partners


We pursue ambitious goals and we value loyal, long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships. As a Mashal partner, we provide you our full commitment and value adding services in order to establish a reliable supply of medicine to the Nordic market on your behalf. We rely greatly on our expertise within this market segment because:


  • Nordics with 5 different countries presents challenges in terms of regulatory requirements, market dynamics, languages and wholesale network. What we do is take those challenges on your behalf!

  • We have access to Nordic market data which helps us analyze market trends and evaluate a product potential.

  • We have indepth understanding of commonalities and differences in the market dynamics among various Nordic countries and we understand how to synchronise these to form synergies.

  • We have great experience and knowledge of how retail/hospital tenders and contracts work in various Nordic countries along with their respective sales and purchase mechanisms.

  • We have a fully equipped infrastructure in place.

  • We have solid experience of working with Nordic wholesalers and already have existing supply contracts in place for distribution.

We truly value loyal and long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We ensure an efficient and reliable pharmaceutical supply chain mutually beneficial for all the stakeholders. We make sure that we offer complete exclusivity to our partners in terms of the portfolio we manage for them. We value compliance and quality which is why we focus a great deal on it. We have built up network and collaborations with fully licensed and compliant entities and all of pharmaceutical products marketed through Mashal are transported, stored and documented with GDP-compliant quality systems.

Products we distribute

  • Meropenem 500mg powder for Injection.

  • Meropenem 1000mg powder for Injection.

  • Sugammadex 100mg/ml 2ml & 5ml solution for injection.

  • Lacosamide 10mg/ml 20ml solution for infusion.

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